2017-18 PCHC Foundation Scholarship Applications are due by Friday, April 13, 2018


2017-18 PCHC Foundation Vocational Scholarship Applicationsare due by Friday, April 22, 2018



Congratulations to the following 2016-2017 scholarship recipients:
  1. Greg Vigil                      True Centralite     

  2. Julianna Torrez               Blue Level Scholarship                  

  3. Cassidy Montee              Blue Level Scholarship                  

  4. April McDonald               Silver Level Scholarship                

  5. Abbi Vigil                      Silver Level Scholarship                                

  6. Mya Coca                     Silver Level Scholarship                                

  7. Jessica Archuletta         Jo Perkins Scholarship                   

  8. Sara Alexander             White Level Scholarship                               

  9. Abbey Compos             White Level Scholarship               

  10. Paul Gornick                 White Level Scholarship               

  11. Megan Medina              White Level Scholarship               

  12. Kyle Romero                White Level Scholarship               

  13. Devean Johnson          The Bonjirno Memorial Scholarship             

  14. Jillian Reeves               The Wetzig Memorial Scholarship                               

  15. Jacob Cordova            The McCulley  Family Scholarship            

  16. Brandon Fowler          The Comeback Scholarship

    They are college bound and we wish them luck as they pursue their dreams of higher education. Go Wildcats!!