Pueblo Central High School FoundationMembership Form

The purpose of the Pueblo Central High School Foundation is to seek financial support and other resources for the enrichment and improvement of the overall quality of life at Central High School and its community.  The Foundation actively supports curricular and extracurricular educational programs that will assist Central High School students, teachers, and alumni.

The plan to accomplish the PCHSF goals is to involve the educational business, professional, corporate, and alumni communities of Central High School, to facilitate the achievement of the Central High School mission and goals, to encourage students, staff, and alumni excellence, and to preserve the rich tradition and history of Central High School for future generations.

PCHSF is extending an invitation to you and any other person who feels passionate about Central High School and its students to join the Pueblo Central High School Foundation and give your support.

Yearly membership includes a window sticker and 10% off the Foundation’s many functions.  Membership and donation options are listed below:
Annual Individual Membership- $25.00 per person

Annual Corporate Membership - $35.00

Pueblo Central High School Foundation
P.O. Box 3707
Pueblo, CO 81005